Month: April 2019

Keep in mind the five fundamentals to borrow from the bank.

For nearly three decades, Raj Khosla has been closely watching the loan business of the bank, it is known that the number of customers taking borrower has increased rapidly in the country. Banks and NBFCs are providing safe and unsecured loans at attractive rates. The number of online landing platforms in the country has also increased rapidly. It has made it easier to get a loan from the bank. Due to easy loan people are financially managing their lives. We are talking about 5 things related to a loan, which should be taken care of when taking a loan:...

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Credit card or fixed deposit, which is better?

With the broad acceptance of credit card and the facility to provide it, it is sometimes necessary to have a credit card. But not everybody is eligible to be one, and the bank can refuse the credit card due to reasons such as bad credit score, regular income not, and many others’ low pay. Credit card against fixed deposit is a product that is specially made for such people. The product: The bank asks the applicant to open a fixed deposit account with the auto-renewal facility in the bank. The bank marks the lien on this fixed deposit and...

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